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A letter from the Founder of Legendary Man:
This all started in January of 2016, when I began growing out my beard. About 6 months after that, when my beard was about 4 inches long, something completely unexpected happened. Men with beards - total strangers - went out of their way to admire my beard. I stumbled onto a community I didn’t even know existed, a brotherhood of bearded men. Because of the uniqueness and length of my beard they immediately respected me.

When I met more of these men, I was inspired to see that they were already friends. And they had bonded like a band of brothers in the same military unit and supported each other. A true brotherhood. Watching this friendship shocked me. I realized I had no fellowship. I was like Frodo on the journey to Mount Doom without Samwise Gangee. These bearded brothers accepted me, and while I appreciated that, I needed guys that could teach and learn with me, regardless if they had beards or not. It took me nearly six months to find my pack. And when I did, something amazing happened! They woke me up out of a nightmare I had created for myself. I thought I was living in a dream, eh… but it was really a nightmare. It was like that feeling where everything you did had the opposite effect, I was trying to please everyone around me - and that kept backfiring on me. My brothers helped me see that I was a passenger in my life rather than the driver and challenged me to take the wheel. Taking that control made me a better father, husband and leader in my community.

I realized that most men don’t have this in their lives. I had guy friends when I was younger, but I lost them after getting married, having kids and moving. Most men don’t have any significant brotherhood in their lives especially after getting married and having kids. I also saw something that was extremely disturbing, this critical brotherhood isn’t just missing in society, it’s under assault. The assault is unintentional, but wives and families demand a lot of time from men, so men yield and sacrifice their brotherhood. When that happens they lose their biggest supporters for being the best they can be for their themselves, their families, and their communities.

My companies, are very successful and working for more money is not the point here. I have cars, motorcycles, a nice house, an office building, in fact, I’m actually using some of the profit from the sales from this website and my other brands, to grow this community. After seeing first hand what my band of brothers did for me, it inspired me to create Legendary Man so other men can get the same. Legendary Man is a rallying cry for the worldwide fraternity of men to discover their own band of brothers where they are accepted, respected, admired and inspired.

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- Nate Lind, Founder & CEO of Legendary Man